Darren Marc is a musician and songwriter who was born and raised on Long island.  His sound has a rich, personal and philosophical background, combining great music with energy and spirituality.  In the early years of his career, Darren mostly focused on rock and pop music, fronting 3 bands. However, things took a turn when he discovered Yoga and Kirtan in his 30’s. His unique approach to integrating his background as a singer/songwriter with mantra music has a soothing, moving, and powerful effect on both himself, and those who join him for his music events at yoga studios, yoga and music festivals, and other conscious event venues.  His unique, soulful sound helps people to open their hearts and connect to others in a unified space of love and oneness.  Influenced by spiritually-driven musicians like Krishna Das, but also by contemporary artists like Jack Johnson, Darren has developed a very distinctive voice as a musician. His continued vision is to offer music that inspires people to raise their vibration and experience more peace and love in their lives.  This vision is particularly exemplified by the artist’s most recent release, “Let It Shine.”  The project is a great example of thoughtful songwriting and unique ideas, with powerful ancient mantras, as well as lyrics in English.  Other career highlights include over 30 original recordings featured as background music in film and television and being submitted for Grammy consideration in 4 categories for his original song ‘Whole Lot of Love’ which was featured on MTV’s Real World.  Darren currently resides in Santa Barbara and offers healing kirtan concerts, singer/songwriter concerts, cacao ceremony-sound healing events, and private energy healing sessions.

Let It Shine is Darren’s latest album. This entire work is full of well-crafted, inspirational pop songs, with rich and tasteful acoustic guitar interwoven throughout.“Home Sweet Om” is a soothing, classic Americana-style track with Darren’s pure and straightforward voice, joined on the choruses by Lauren Beth Brown, whose voice blends so perfectly with Darren.
— McKenna Rowe, L.A Yoga Magazine
Let It Shine is packed full of uplifting, enlightening frequencies and lyrical substance backed by a sweet, James Taylor-esque, organic, acoustic fueled soundscape. From the faster tempos to the slower piano ballads, Darren Marc shows versatility in his song crafting. But even when the song is sonically more mellow, Darren still packs a profoundly positive message into his compassionate, soul resonating vocal work.
— Joshua Smotherman, MTM Music
His music has an inspirational and uplifting quality to it, as shown on the songs featured on his latest release, “Let It Shine”.
This album features 11 songs that have a deep, lush and heartfelt vibe. Darren is a very expressive artist who loves to share deeper themes through his song. As shown on this record, simplicity is perhaps the most powerful weapon at his disposal: with a handful of relatable melodies and a driven attitude, Darren is able to connect with his audience on a deeper level.
— Peter Vidani, Band Camp Diaries