Does life sometimes have you stressed, depressed, or even perplexed? If so, you’re far from alone. Despite the technological wonders that enhance and simplify our lives, we may still find ourselves overworked, under-loved, overwhelmed, and searching for an ever-elusive sense of purpose. Many daydream about better lives, ones filled with meaning, ones which, above all, transcend the daily drudgery. Could all this truly be achievable?

According to renowned intuitive reiki master, celebrated musician, and yogi Darren Marc, the answer is emphatically yes. Following his simple, proven methods based on ancient spiritual truths and timeless techniques, you’ll connect with your soul, become one with your personal mission, and enhance your life. Create Your Dream Life Now isn’t meant to be merely read, but lived, implemented into your lifestyle, and cultivated daily. Inspired by the uplifting imagery of acclaimed artist Joan Coleman, you’ll communicate with your soul and celebrate the divinity within. Integrating the 9 Keys of Conscious Creation into your personal journey, your dream life will be a glorious adventure, one in which you’ll be guided by synchronicity, faith, prayer, love, appreciation, and selfless service. Aligning with that which you’ve always sought, you’ll open a new chapter in your life in which all simply flourishes.