Retreating Into Your Own Heart

This is a channeled message from The Teachers of The Light; a high-vibrational group of guides that Darren works with.

There is a sun that is shining in your own very heart.  For some, it is just a sparkle.  But for others, it is so vast that it covers the entire universe and then some.  This is the light that we wish to help you to cultivate in your own heart.  Many of you feel very overburdened by the circumstances in your lives.  And so this particular chapter will be devoted to making room for spirit in your life.  For it is only by making this room for spirit, that your heart will shine like the sun that we speak of.  The channel, he is thinking of a closet and it is a perfect analogy.   Many of you have closest that are so full, full of your thoughts and full of your obligations, that the mere thought of adding a spiritual practice into your life is overwhelming.  Just the thought of it makes you say no.  Many of you have to do lists that seem to last for an eternity. But we want to make this message very clear to you.  And perhaps it is even the most important thing that we will say in this entire book. There is nothing that is more important than connecting to your own heart. And one of the best ways to do this is to still your mind through spiritual practice. Many of you will say: “Oh but that is not what is most important.  My friends are most important.  Or my family is most important.  Or my job is most important.  Or my health is most important”.  And we will be bold and say that all of this will improve if you dedicate some time to spiritual practice.  And that at the very least, you must make your spiritual practice as important as all of these things. We begin here before talking about anything else because it is the foundation of the house upon which your life must be built.  Without this spiritual practice you are like a leaf blowing in the wind.  You have no control over your mind.  And thus, it is very difficult to experience the greatness of your heart. The channel has something on his mind and we do feel it is fitting to drop it in here. The love that we speak about, the love that is in the depths of your own heart, it is much more vast than the love that you feel for a partner or the love that you feel for a friend.  For that love is limiting.  As beautiful, as glorious, as expansive, as delightful as it is, the love that we speak of is even bigger and better because it is a love, as we stated in our introduction, that has no preferences.  It is a love that is not reserved for any one particular person.  It is a love for all.  We will come back to this word many times during this book, all.  For it is quite an important word. We will ask you, if you feel a resonance with the words that we have spoken so far, and you wish to continue along this journey with us, that you make a commitment to yourself, and to us.  We, The Teachers of The Light, are all love.  So we are not going to be angry if you break your commitment.  We have nothing but love for you as does the creator him-herself.  There are no rules here.  This is not a place of worship where you are told you must do something in a particular way or you will not get it right.  It is not like this at all.  We have only great love for you.  So out of this love, we make suggestions that we feel will be quite beneficial for you. And so the suggestion, this commitment that we would be very flattered if you would embark upon, is to retreat into your heart for at least fifteen minutes, twice per day. The channel is reminded of something an acting teacher of his said one time: “The best way to love yourself is to make a commitment and to stick with it”.  We agree whole heartedly with this statement. The commitment my friends, is to take fifteen minutes, twice a day, to still your mind and connect to your heart.  Much like a turtle sticks his head underneath his shell, you must do the same.  You must withdraw your senses from the outside world that you partake in to see what is inside of yourself.  It is the only way to see everything that is there.  You can get a glimpse of it through your experiences in the outside world. Certainly, you can.  But we want you to get more than a glimpse.  We want you to see the totality of who you are.  And then there must be a weaving of this experience of who you are into the outside world. You must go in, and out.  In, and out.  In, and out. Much like the waves of the ocean.  If you sit and you watch it, you will see.  It goes in, it goes out.  It has this constant movement.  It goes out towards the sand, towards the world, but then it retreats back into itself. We want you to do this as well. We want you to retreat back into yourself as often as possible. For it is here inside of yourself that you will find the holy grail of life, the greatest prize. It is a prize that is even better than winning an academy award!  It is a prize that is much better than being well known for the work that you do.  It is even a prize that is of greater reward than having a successful loving relationship with you partner and your children.  We encourage you to do all these things if it is in your heart to do so. But seek out what is inside of yourself as well.  After many years of practice, the channel has become quite adept at his.  He calls it meditation.  But we prefer to call it ‘a retreat’.  When you go on retreat, you go to get away from the outside world, to be by yourself, to be quiet, to be still, and to listen.  And it is here in this stillness, that you have your revelations, that wisdom arises mysteriously from inside of yourself.  Sometimes you do not even know where it came from, but there it is.  And you know what you need to know. It is here in stillness, that you begin to strip away the conditioning and the programming that has been placed like a filter over your heart.  And indeed, it’s likely we will have a chapter solely devoted to this conditioning and programming. But for now, we encourage you to make this commitment of going on a retreat twice a day, for fifteen minutes each sitting.  We are quite adamant about it being for fifteen minutes or more.  We consider it to be the magic marker where you actually give yourself enough time to experience something that is within you. You do not need to set an alarm clock for this will be a distraction.  Trust yourself to know when the time is up and then you will open your eyes and you will stick your head back out of your shell and return to all there is to do in the outside world. And we promise you dear friends, that no time will be lost.  However, much time will be gained.  For every fifteen minutes that you spend within yourself, you will find you mysteriously have more time to do what you need to do! We, through the channel, are laughing because you are probably saying to yourselves: “No way.  I don’t believe it.  Time is time”.  But you will see.  It will not happen overnight.  But this practice of retreat will bring improvement to every area in your life.  You will no longer feel as rushed.  And so you will actually get more done because you will be more relaxed.  And you will be amazed at how productive you can be when you are relaxed.  You will be amazed at how much more focused your mind is when you are relaxed. And so, one of the benefits of going on retreat, is that you will cultivate a state of relaxation that will begin to permeate every moment of your day.  And perhaps this relaxation will become such a part of you that you will begin to see life as we see it, as sacred.  And when we say that we see life as being sacred, we do not mean isolated moments of it.  We do not mean only the good moments.  We mean every moment.  We mean every breath is a sacred one.  But in your current state of mind, it is impossible to experience this sacredness that we speak to.  This is why it is incredibly important to go on retreat. The more you go on retreat, the more the world will begin to look differently through your eyes.  It will be the same world, but you will experience it much differently.  So this is why, every spiritual teacher who has set foot on this planet of yours, has taught, in one way or another, this practice that we call going on retreat and that the channel calls meditation.  It is the very first thing that a child should be taught when he or she goes to school on the very first day of the schooling.  And so, if by chance, one of you who is reading this is a teacher, and you know who you are because we see you reading this book already.  We know.  We see all.  Perhaps you will be so brave to bring this practice into every school in your country as many people from many different countries will be reading this.  And we would encourage you to not only be brave enough to bring it into your school, but to bring it to many schools. This is the essential practice that every child needs to embark upon from the very beginning of their lives.  When this becomes the case, there will be much more peace in the world.  There will be much less violence amidst the younger generation that is so prevalent today.  They will connect with each other in a way that they are not doing now. Right now, your children are feeling so incredibly isolated from each other.  They are feeling so incredibly separate from each other.  This is the affliction of the current age, separation. And your children, we cry for many of them, because they are feeling so separate.  Many of you who are reading these words, this will resonate with you because of the experiences that your own children are having in their own lives.  Some of whom are openly sharing it with you, and many who are keeping it within themselves because they are too embarrassed to speak their truth.  And so, perhaps we will devote a chapter to the children of the world and we will offer some guidance as to how the children of the world can feel a deeper connection with each other, less separation. We have digressed, but it was an important point to make.  And often you will find us digressing a little bit. But trust, there is a divine flow to these words and that everything is in perfect order just as it is in the universe.  Even if things look chaotic, there is a divine order to all that is occurring.  You might look outside your window and say to yourself: “Oh my god, the world has gone to hell”!  We smile when we say that because we want you to understand that there is a lightness and a joy that is experienced through our words that the channel feels himself as he speaks them.  But know indeed friends, everything is just as it should be in this moment.  It can be no other way.  And all are heading towards the light. Some most get pretty deep into the darkness to get there.  But all are going to the same place.  So when you look outside and everything looks chaotic and it seems like the world is turning upside down and that everybody is going crazy, including Mother Earth sometimes, we encourage you to trust that everything is okay. And that is not to say that you should not stand up for what you believe in.  But at the same time, we encourage you to have a deep sense of trust that all is well in the universe.

Now we would like to give you instructions for going on a retreat.  

We encourage you to stick to your practice.  In the same way it is likely that you do not miss a day that you brush your teeth, we encourage you to invite the same diligence into this practice of retreat.  This is a life-long practice my friends.  If you could imagine a flower that blossoms for an entire lifespan, this practice of retreat is much like that.  Every time you go on a retreat, you open a little bit more. The practice of retreat is quite simple.  We invite you to create a sacred space that is solely devoted for retreat. And when we say the word solely, we mean it.  It is not very often that we get too firm in our words because we like to keep it very light.  But, we are quite adamant about this, about all of you creating a sacred space solely for retreat.  Many of you might say: “There is no where I can do it.  There is no space in my house”. We say make the space.  Take some time to make this a sacred space for yourself.  You will know what to do intuitively.  If you would like to put a candle there, then do so.  If you would like to put a photograph or photographs of inspiring spiritual teachers that have come before us, you are more than welcome to do so.  If you would like to put an item that helps you connect to the divine that is both within you and all around you, then we encourage you to do that.  And if it is simply a chair, or a stool, or a cushion all by itself, that is perfectly fine as well.  Once you have created your sacred space, and before you enter into it, make sure there is nothing, and we mean absolutely nothing that will distract you from your retreat.  Power off your phone, power off your computer, do whatever it is you need to do to ensure you will not be distracted from your sacred retreat.  Every time you go inside of yourself, it is a sacred event. Enter into your sacred space with reverence for it is indeed a sacred space that has been designed by you to cocoon yourself in the light of your own heart.  As you enter your sacred space, take a moment to honor it in your heart.  Be grateful that it exists for this is your sanctuary.  And it is yours and yours only.  Indeed, if there is somebody else who says I would like to check out your sacred retreat space, say: “No, it is my space”.  Smile brightly at them and encourage them to create their own space.  For this is yours and yours only. As you arrive into your sacred space, make yourself comfortable.  Put yourself in a comfortable seat.  Do not be lazy.  Do not slouch as if you are about to watch your favorite t.v show, or eat nachos. But do find a comfortable seat with your spine fairly erect.  It is does not have to be straight like the Empire State Building. But it should be fairly erect. Close your eyes.  Rest your hands in the balance mudra.  The channel will include a photograph of it for you in the book.  This is the mudra that bridges heaven and earth.  For in your sacred space, you are indeed uniting the higher realms with the earth plane and bringing them together into your heart.  Draw your awareness to your breath.  Allow it to be incredibly soft, like a baby’s breath.  And simply watch it.  That is all.  We told you it would be very simple. As the channel very often tells his yoga students in the beginning of his class as they are doing what he calls meditation, do not attempt to change the pattern of your breath.  Simply observe it.  If and when a thought pops up in your mind, it is perfectly fine. Notice it.  Just as you notice your breath, notice the thought.  And then draw your awareness back to your breath. Do this for fifteen minutes. When you intuitively sense that the time has come to come out of retreat, bring your hands together in front of your heart center.  Thank yourself for showing up to your retreat.  And then out loud, state three things that you are grateful for in your life beginning with the words “I AM grateful for”. These two words, I AM, are incredibly important words.  And thus, we will be dedicating an entire chapter to them.  There will be more meditations to come.  Trust my friends, that these meditations that we give you, they will take you somewhere.  But it is not as you think.  They will not take you from place A to place B.  They will not help you to manifest a Rolls Royce or a private jet or a mansion. Though there are certainly other techniques that you can utilize to do that.  Perhaps we will devote a chapter in this book to manifestation as well.  But we would not encourage you to focus on manifesting those things.  It was simply a joke.  But rather than taking you from place A to place B, these practices are designed to bring you back into your own heart.  And it is there that you will find all, and again we do mean all, that you have ever sought. Everything you want is there waiting for you, residing in the four holy chambers of your heart.  All the love that you seek, all the light that you seek, all the joy that you seek, it is all there waiting for you.  And thus, this practice of retreat is another step forward into your heart.  Be patient with yourselves Dear Ones. A big problem in this world that you are living in is that many people, they want instant gratification.  It is because the world is now wired like that, right?  The channel knows, he can go onto and the following day he can have whatever it is he wants, even if it is just a roll of toilet paper! If there is information you seek, you can jump on-line and get it instantaneously.  We will tell you, the greatest prizes in life require some effort and some time to accomplish.  And indeed, it is an accomplishment to experience what we want you to experience. We promise you this.  You will all, and we mean all, get there.  Many of you will get there in this incarnation that you are in right now because of the quickening that is happening on this planet and with the entire human race. So be patient with yourself, be kind to yourself, be committed, be devoted, and you will reap the harvest that you seek.  There will come a day and time where it all falls right into place and you will have found what it is you are looking for.  The channel will be holding monthly live meditations.  He is saying: “What, I will be doing what”? But yes, he will.  And we invite you to join him because our energies will be very present for these meditations, for these retreats.  We will close in the same way that we closed our prior chapter by saying:  Blessings Dear Ones.  You are so incredibly loved.  Please know that to be true.  If you do not feel that love right now, you will soon.  Love is coming for all.  Good day or good night depending on when you are reading these words.  Know that we are with you always and we shine our light towards you and all of humanity at this time of great awakening for all. And we encourage you dear ones to embark upon the practices that we share in this book for 40 days.  Make that commitment to yourselves and do it out of love.  Do it because you have great love for yourself, not because we are telling you to do it.  Not because you think it is the right thing to do.  Not because you want to experiment with it just to see.  But because you have great love for yourself and out of that great love you want to do something to uplift yourself, and to raise your level of consciousness, and to help yourself discover the god-presence that is within you.  The channel is reminded of a story he heard about a meditation teacher who used to walk around with a whip.  And he would whip a student if he or she made the slightest movement during the meditation. We are not those kinds of teachers!  We do not carry a whip. We only carry love in our hearts and a smile on our light body faces.  We are filled with joy to be of service.  We are completely unattached as to whether you follow our guidance or not. But we encourage you, whole-heartedly, out of the love we have for you, to make this commitment to yourselves.  For it is only by engaging in these practices for a good amount of time, that you will start to reap the benefits, that you will experience the shift that we would like you to experience. It is very likely after the 40 days, you will be inspired to continue without needing us to suggest that you do so.  If you miss a day or two, it is perfectly fine.  Simply continue.  In-fact, because we are teachers of great love, and we have a good sense of humor, and that is why we were drawn to the channel because he does as well, we give you three permitted absences.  We laugh out loud!  So we hope that you will be disciplined enough to embark upon these practices 37 out of 40 days! Blessings Dear Ones. 


Darren Marc