‘During these sacred gatherings, Darren weaves together group singing with a cacao ceremony, meditation, energy healing, sound healing, and heart-infused spiritual teachings’.

Every heart has a song to sing. When we sing that song with love and devotion we reconnect to the great love and the great light that is within ourselves. Our inner-peace, our inner-joy, and our natural state of bliss is awakened and we shine more brightly in the world. We also connect more deeply to those around us and feel fulfilled by the sacred community that we are surrounded by. Most importantly, we are helping to anchor the new high-vibration of peace, love, and harmony that is becoming more prevalent on the planet with every breath we take.

No two circles are exactly the same. But below you will find a list of experiences that I often include in a Devotional Sound Journey:

  • Kirtan (call and response singing of mantra music and inspirational English lyrics)

  • Guided Meditation

  • Heart-Infused Spiritual Teachings that Uplift & Inspire

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Gayatri Mantra with Energy Healing Blessing

  • Heart-Drum bath

  • Laughing, Smiling, Lots of Love, and Lots of Joy

About The Singing:

Absolutely no prior singing experience is required to participate in these gatherings. If you prefer not to share your voice, that is perfectly fine. Simply by listening and receiving, your heart will be opened and your vibration will be raised. If you do choose to share your voice, your mind might initially think that you are making sound as an individual. But in reality, we are coming together as a group collective and creating a unified field of love where all voices become one.

More About My Journey with Cacao:

I was introduced to cacao in group ceremony while living in NYC. Shortly thereafter, I began incorporating cacao ceremonies into my own life. I was then guided by spirit to include a cacao ceremony in my Heart Song Gatherings. Cacao is both a superfood and a plant medicine. As a plant medicine, she is here to help us open our hearts so that we can experience unconditional love for ourselves and all of humanity and return to our natural state of oneness. She was known by ancient cultures as Chicoy, or the heart blood (the water that runs through the heart). She was so revered for her healing properties, that these ancient cultures exchanged her as currency to pay taxes! Today, she invites us to reconnect to the sacredness that has been lost in modern culture, to reconnect to the reverence that we have for the planet and all of creation in our souls, and to open our hearts to all of the light that is within us.

I usually talk too much, but here I am, at a loss for words! I knew today was going to be very special, and lead me to where I needed to be. And although, it was obvious from peoples’ comments, that everyone else understood “meditation”, none of that mattered. What mattered was that we were all together and there was so much love and healing generated. I didn’t know the words, the languages, the poses, you name it, I didn’t know it, but my center did, so I just went with it and sang and allowed myself to “be”. I cannot thank you enough for all the good you are doing for the universe. Today was extraordinary. When I finally arrived home, I ate and then fell into the best three hours of complete sleep I have had in months.
— Angela S.