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Journey of The Heart: Cacao Ceremony & Sacred Song Circle

  • Private Residence Santa Barbara, CA 93105 (map)


Held at private residence in Oak Park neighborhood of Santa Barbara. Address given upon registration.

Dear friends, I invite you to gather around in circle with me for a celebration of the heart featuring a cacao ceremony, devotional singing, transformative meditation practices, and sound healing. Now is the time to awaken and come back home to the great peace, the great love, and the great light that is within you and to shine that light brightly in the world. Every time we come home to touch our hearts, and then move back out into the world with the intention of touching more hearts, we fulfill the purpose of being on the planet. There is a huge shift of consciousness occurring and we are the light-bearers who are leading the way for all to come along. If you’re getting excited, that’s good. You should be! Now is an incredible time to be alive. The ways of our ancestors are returning to us to support our awakening. One of the ways the Mayan & Aztec cultures experienced their hearts was with the support of the sacred cacao plant. The cacao plant was so revered in these ancient cultures that it was used to as currency to pay taxes! In it’s pure form, cacao is both a superfood and a plant medicine. As a superfood it contains a high level of antioxidants, minerals, and other goodies that help support the release and uptake of our feel-good neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. As a plant medicine, the spirit of cacao, known as Chicoy by the ancient Mayan and Aztec cultures, supports our spiritual practice of returning to know our own divinity and oneness as a human race. Chicoy is also known as the heart-blood, or the water that runs through the heart. And thus, it helps us release all barriers that stand in our way of knowing and experiencing unconditional divine love for ourselves, humanity, and all of creation. I am joined by my friend and singer Zoe Guess who will be leading the response for call and response singing.