‘During these intimate group gatherings, Darren holds space for people to experience vibrational shifts that move them towards a greater expansion of knowing themselves as love, light, and joy’.

True healing is the ‘awakening to the peace, love, and joy that is within ourselves’. It is not ‘fixing’ anything that is broken because in reality, we are already whole and complete just as we are. Healing is simply remembering. Healing can take place via many different methods such as singing, dancing, spending time in nature, being with a pet, spending time with a loved one etc… The methods that I offer in these intimate group settings are energy healing and sound healing. When offered in a yoga studio, some gentle yoga is included.

Circles include a short conversation about healing, an introduction to reiki, and both individual and group healing through reiki and sound.

Though no two circles are exactly alike here are some of the sound experiences that are often included.

  • Crystal singing bowl sound healing

  • Gayatri mantra reiki infused blessing

  • Heart-Drum bath

  • Chakra sound journey

Scheduled Healing Circles are on my events page. If you would like to schedule a healing circle for your group, reach out via the contact page. I limit these gatherings to 6 people when offered alone and 12 people when offered with another reiki healer. This way everyone can receive adequate time for hands on healing.

I usually talk too much, but here I am, at a loss for words! I knew today was going to be very special, and lead me to where I needed to be. And although, it was obvious from peoples’ comments, that everyone else understood “meditation”, none of that mattered. What mattered was that we were all together and there was so much love and healing generated. I didn’t know the words, the languages, the poses, you name it, I didn’t know it, but my center did, so I just went with it and sang and allowed myself to “be”. I cannot thank you enough for all the good you are doing for the universe. Today was extraordinary. When I finally arrived home, I ate and then fell into the best three hours of complete sleep I have had in months.
— Angela S. - Santa Barbara, CA