An Introduction from The Light Teachers

Dearest friends, there is a place in your own very heart where great love exists.  A love that has no boundaries and no walls.  A love that does not pick and choose who you are going to love based on your preferences or your likes or dislikes.  It is a love so vast and so great that it covers the entire world like the sky.   And this love that is in your very own heart does not need a reason to love.  It simply loves for the sake of loving.  This love that we speak of is your god-presence.  It is the presence of god that lives inside of you.  Isn’t it ironic that many of you go searching everywhere, looking in every corner of the world for this god.  And yet, it has always been and will always be inside of your very own heart.  You might say indeed that the creator is playing a game of hide and go seek with you.  But the creator has been hiding in the last place that many of you have chosen to look which is in your very own heart.   For many of you on this Earth plane, it is quite an arduous journey to know the depths of love that you have in your very own heart.  But once you begin to get a taste of it, you will never want to ever return to anything else you have ever experienced in your life.  And once you get a taste of it, your life will never be the same.  And once you get a taste of it, this love will guide you forward through all of your actions in life and you will truly become the ‘I am that I am’ presence embodied in a physical form on this planet.  This is what every great teacher that has been on this planet has taught.  So we are here to teach it to you again in a different way with different words.  But the teaching is no different.  It is the same teaching that has been taught since the beginning of time and will continue to be taught until the end of time, although there really is no time.  It is the same teaching that will continue to be taught until all have returned to love… Until all know themselves as they truly are… Until all know the god-spark that exists within themselves and the love that is in their own hearts.  And so dear friends, in these transmissions that we are bringing forth through this channel, we invite you to go on a journey of the heart with us.  Allow us to take you by the hand and guide you to the place that you so desperately seek to be in.  A place that is inside of yourself.