Individual Sessions 

My job as a mentor is to serve as your trusted guide and to be a catalyst for learning possibilities that help you get from where you are to where you want to be.  As part of the journey, it is inevitable that you will find more peace, happiness, and satisfaction in every moment of your life regardless as to what your future goals are.  In-fact, the present moment is called a present because it is exactly that, a gift that is meant to be enjoyed!  The focus of a session is always determined by you.  You will bring a particular agenda for each session and the conversation will unfold from there.  Together, we will focus on solutions rather than giving energy to problems.  In this way, The Law of Attraction is activated, and you become a powerful co-creator with an all-loving universe that was created for your enjoyment.  Together we will engage the new story of your life, and focus on infinite possibilities.  If you're stressed out most of the time, don't worry!  My background in the fast paced world of NYS real estate, taught me how to find my zen in even the most stressful situations.  I'm happy to share practices and tools that can help you find peace, calm, and presence in all of life's challenging situations as well.  Many of these practices are featured in my book Create Your Dream Life Now.  My life experience has taught me that a peaceful mind and open heart serve as the gateway to all of life's possibilities.  So as a coach, I always enjoy holding space for people to still their minds and open their hearts.  Love is the essence of our beings.  When we connect to that, and support it with our own inner-strength and power, miracles manifest and we serve our purpose on the planet.  A single coaching session lasts 45 to 60 minutes.  You can click below to book.

Create Your Dream Life Now Package  

Single sessions can be helpful for those who want to focus on working through an isolated challenge in their lives.  But most people work with me on a bi-weekly basis for at least two months which is why I offer the Create Your Dream Life Now mentoring package which includes 4 sessions over a 2 month period.  The purpose of this package is to empower you to create positive, transformational, long-lasting change in your life.  I know personally, that change doesn't always happen overnight.  But with the support of a trusted mentor and guide, it can happen quite quickly.  Big shifts are possible that can create an entirely different experience of life.  My knowing is that you are a powerful, creative being and that you can experience whatever you want to experience in life.  So over the course of the 2 months, I will hold space for your highest vision to become manifest in the world.  The structure of an individual session in this package is similar to above.  But at the end of two months, you will be empowered to experience a heart-centered, soul infused life with more peace, grace, ease, and joy. If you'd like to work with me, the next step is to request a complimentary 15 minute 'get to know each other session' to see if we jive by filling out the form below:

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