An Evening with The Light Teachers     

The Light Teachers are a group of non-physical light-beings who transmit spiritual teachings and healing energy through Darren.  Their purpose for working with the Darren is to facilitate the great awakening of humanity and a return for all into a state of love and oneness.  An evening with The Light Teachers is a meditative experience where you can come to experience yourself as the great love and great light that is within you.  Amidst the presence of the Light Teachers, filters that have been blocking the experience of your true-self begin to dissolve so that you can know and experience yourself as you truly are.  With this new found awareness, you can return to the outside world reconnected to the source within you and share it with others.  In doing so, a new vibration of peace and love is anchored onto the plane.


Discover Your Divinity: 

Group channeling events are listed on the events page.  Click below to read transmissions from the light teachers.