Still your mind, nurture your body, and rediscover your soul!


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As a certified yoga teacher, I have over 15 years of teaching experience. My speciality is guiding people through a gentle yoga practice that utilizes the breath and gentle movement to still the mind and open the heart. The real practice of yoga has nothing to do with how flexible you are or how good you look in your yoga clothing! The real practice has everything to do with listening to your body, and treating yourself with lots of love and compassion. In-fact, yoga is one of the greatest acts of self-love you can offer yourself. When you take time out of your everyday routine to nurture yourself through the practice of yoga, it’s impossible for yoga to not seep into your life off of the mat. You will feel more focused, more energized, more peaceful, and more connected to the bliss that is you! I am so incredibly grateful to all the wonderful teachers who have blessed me with their presence beginning with the day that I haphazardly stumbled into a yoga class in a gym while spending a long summer in Boulder, Colorado. I still have fond memories of being in child’s pose and for the first time ever, my mind was still and I was enveloped by a sense of peace and wellness that I had never experienced before. I love holding space for others to experience that same sense of peace and wellness that comes through the practice of yoga.


For me, meditation is like brushing my teeth. I would never even consider skipping a day of meditation. In-fact, the moment I get out of bed, I sit in my meditation chair for 20 to 60 minutes. And every evening before I go to bed, I do the same. Simply put, meditation is a returning hOMe to who you really are. Who you are is peace and love. Who you are is bliss. Many people give up on meditation way to quickly. They try it a few times and find it difficult or don't think it’s working for them. The practice of meditation is a practice that reaps benefits when practiced daily for an extended period of time. With a daily practice, one learns how to still the mind quite effortlessly and easily. When the mind is still, amazing things happen! Quite quickly you can begin to catch negative thought forms and reframe them into positive ones. You become much less reactive the outside world and find yourself connected to an indwelling sense of peace and calm that helps you stay balanced when life becomes more challenging. You become a lot more focused. And little by little, through consistent practice, the essence of your soul, which is bliss, begins to surface and then you know you REALLY are! In a way, meditation can’t really be taught because it is an experience that must come directly from the experience itself. So rather than thinking of myself as a teacher, I think of myself as a guide. I offer easy to follow instructions on how to meditate properly, how to avoid common pitfalls, and offer insight as what you might expect as your practice deepens. The forms of meditation that I practice, and that I hold space for my students to practice, are mindfulness of breath meditation and mantra meditation.